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Oct 13, 2014 0 Comment

Retailers or e-commerce websites often discontinue or go out of stock with a product. Many retailers often not deal with this in the best way. For eg- recently what happened with many products of Flipkart on its Big Billion Day.

Here are some methods to deal with a product page which is out of stock or discontinued-

  • Redirecting To Main Category- Redirecting the user to main category page with a message on why the user was redirected is a good option. This will help user to discover other products in the same category.

  • Redirecting To Related Products- You can also redirect the user to related products page displaying the reason to redirect. This will help to increase the sale of related products.

  • Custom 404 Page- You can customize your 404 page by clarifying the reason why the product is out of stock and also providing directions to navigate to similar products available.

    customized 404 not found page

  • Keeping The Page Live- If you have a plan to bring the product back or replenish the stock then you can keep the product page live specifying that it will be back soon. Provide with a notification button to remind the customer when the product is back.

All these methods are better than a simple 404 error page not found page and will improve user’s experience on your website. These methods are also beneficial from Search Engine Optimization (SEO) point of view.

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