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B2B Social Marketing : The Next Big Thing

B2B social marketing
Sep 03, 2014 0 Comment

Social Media’s power is no longer hidden. Every other entrepreneur knows that social media has to be in there in their marketing plans. Its kind of that best friend you cannot live without.

B2B firms are on their way to become social or give social media its due importance which earlier was not given by B2B. Be it Google Plus content in search results or authorship images or twitter chats or a LinkedIn page, all are becoming essential parts of B2B marketing plans to promote news, announcements, articles about product launches etc.

Why B2B needs to be social ?

  1. Social Media can be your data warehouse
    Apart from social campaigns, potential client’s accounts can serve with ideal information which you can use to design your campaigns.

  2. Look at your competition
    Every business now is judged keeping in mind it’s social presence. Every other B2B firm is using social media to enhance its brand’s image and visibility. They all have LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and YouTube account to launch their products, demos, press releases etc.

  1. If not Social then not Interesting
    Clients can have an easy access to your blog posts, press releases, videos, photos etc. B2B firms with only an official website and no social accounts can be considered boring. It doesn’t matter even if you have compelling content if you don’t showcase it on social media.

  2. Social Media gives you Credibility
    It might not be as formal as your website but those videos, photos and other posts on social media can help you maintain a close relationship with your customers which cannot be maintained through website only.

Always make sure you provide links for further action on these social pages otherwise there is no point of having these pages. Remember Social Media is where your clients are.

Refresh Ideas can assist you in planning a perfect social marketing strategy for your B2B website, so contact us now.

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