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Black Hat Social Media: A frightening dream coming to life

Black Hat Social Media
Aug 14, 2014 0 Comment

What is Black Hat Social Media?
Black Hat Media is an attempt through strategies and tactics that lie outside the guidelines of a social media website or means that are not permitted by social media for some kind of personal benefit.

Now a days you can see every single person around the street promoting or marketing his/her business through social media. Yes social media holds the potential to add positively to your business but some people can use it to promote their business using unfair means or demote someone else’s business. This is what we call ‘Black Hat Social Media’.

Some Black Hat tactics and How can it impact SEO
Social Media signals are rising and may affect your marketing and business. They are proving to be factors affecting your search engine rankings.

  • Buying Fake Followers, Likes and Shares: People now are indulging in buying fake likes, followers or shares to persuade people to interact with them. This can effect SEO if social media website hosting it is public and can be investigated by Google.
  • Fake Accounts: People can create fake accounts of their competitors for negative publicity. This may affect their competitor’s business especially when these accounts rank better than competitor’s original accounts. This may seriously hurt brand’s image.
  • Fake Reviews: Some people can leave or post negative reviews about their competitor’s business on these social media websites and if these reviews rank well and are read by people then it may affect competitor’s business. People or potential customers reading these reviews may decide to take their business elsewhere.
  • Spammy Social Websites: We all know how it can affect our website if we get links from wrong websites. So shares from spammy or off topic social media websites may hurt your business.

Solution at your end
Social Media Black Hat is a very new concept in the field of SEO and still has to be analysed in detail, so there are no perfect solutions to these tactics but there are some things you can do -

  • do not hire or associate with companies who indulge in these black hat practices – even if the offer looks alluring, it will harm your site in current scenario.
  • you can mark things as spam on social media websites
  • contact the legal department of these social websites and report them about these tactics
  • you can also report spam to Google through Google’s webspam reporting form

Future of Black Hat Social Media
Reasons are good enough to consider Black Hat Social Media tactics as a threat that may affect SEO because there is no doubt in the fact that social media is growing and will play an important role in the future for SEO.


This above discussion is not to state any proven facts but to spark a discussion & awareness about Black Hat Social Media. Tell us what you think about Black Hat Social Media and its future by posting your views or questions in the comment section.


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