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Brand & Website : Are They In Sync?

Website & Brand : Are They In Sync?
Dec 17, 2014 0 Comment

A website may have a brand message that is not visible to people or it may not have it at all. Quite often a website may send different brand messages from different pages to visitors. This happens when the company doesn’t have a clear branding strategy or it is not concentrating on its branding strategy at all.

Conveying your brand message through your website clearly is very crucial because now your website is considered to be the face of your business. We follow these two mantras when we are branding a website for a company-

  • What Is Not Needed, Shouldn’t Be Present
    Websites often contain elements which are not required or important and end up cluttering and losing the brand message.

    How by showing and saying less, we can have more impact? This is always on the back of our minds when we are working on a project. Simplicity is always preferred to complexity because the former is bound to get attention.

    For instance, look how Blackberrys (one of our clients) says a lot with a simple design and leaves an impact and clearly tells the brand message i.e. “Go Sharp”.

    Most of the time, people often end up detailing about their products and forget about the brand message, creating clutter on the website with unnecessary details.

  • Repeat Mode On
    It is important to note that people never read your website like a novel. They may land on any page through search engines or social media. So, the page they land on becomes your website’s first impression on them and if the page they land on doesn’t contain your brand message then you will end screwing your first impression.

    So, it is important to include your brand message on every page of your website.

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