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BrandVision- Old Dogs. New Tricks

BrandVision- Old Dogs. New Tricks
Aug 20, 2015 0 Comment

BrandVision, based in Uganda, is a team of renegade creatives and strategists from Ogilvy & Martha who teamed up with consultants from ZK Mackan. Born in 2007, BrandVision has been providing innovative, quality content solutions for all forms of technical communication to an impressive list of clients in African region which you can see here- http://www.brandvision.us/our-clients.

Approach To Design
BrandVision came to us to get their online presence felt with a modern and contemporary website structure that can tell their story. And we thought what better way is to tell a story than a parallax design, so we decided to tell BrandVision’s story with a parallax website design. The website clearly unfolds each aspect of BrandVision as you scroll down from their introduction ‘Old Dogs. New Tricks!’ to their philosophy & approach to their work to their clients on a single page.

BrandVision Parallax Design

WordPress Framework
The website is created using custom website design build upon WordPress framework for Content Management System with customization through various plugins to make it easier for BrandVision to edit or add new content as they wish and to make sure that it doesn’t create any confusion for the readers or visitors on the website.

Micro UX Effects
We added micro ux effects with macro effectivity to different sections of the website to make it look lively. As you scroll down the website, the content in different sections comes sliding from up or sides to grab a visitor’s attention to the content and increase its readability.

Since BrandVision had an impressive list of clients, we wanted the ‘Work’ section to be impressive as well. As you scroll down to Work section, you see BrandVision’s work showcased in tilted tiles to stand out. As you click on different case studies, individual pages open dedicated to individual clients carefully placing content to tell whole story behind the client strategically.

BrandVision Work

Responsive Grid Based Design
After repeated testing on various platforms, we successfully created a clutter free responsive design for BrandVision that works well on mobile as well as desktop devices. What’s important for a responsive design is to make sure that it provides the same experience on all devices and that’s what we made sure with BrandVision.

BrandVision Responsive Design

It’s the second big advertising agency website after MarketingUnplugged (India) that we have created this season and we are really excited to team up with BrandVision (Africa). Take a walk through their website yourself to experience what we have been talking about in this article- http://www.brandvision.us/.

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