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Bring Them Back : Lower Your Bounce Rate

Bring Them Back : Lower Your Bounce Rate
Jun 25, 2015 0 Comment

Only getting people or users to your website through Social Media Marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is half job done, the other half requires to persuade them to stay on your website for good. People visiting just one page and then turning away from your website is what increases your website’s bounce rate.

One reason for a high bounce rate may be that people got what they came for on your website like contact details and left. But the other reason may be that didn’t get what they were looking for or were disappointed with what they found which is a reason to worry.

Here is what you can do to lower down your website’s bounce rate and not fail to meet your visitor’s expectations-

A Perfect Call To Action
The disappointing of all things is to get confused what to do next once you are on a landing page. Having a strong and related CTA is what will persuade a user to stay on the page and navigate further according to the CTA.
29 Hatton Garden
In a product page like above, the perfect CTA will be how to contact the seller or enquire about the product or an instruction on how to buy or may be a discount offer on your product you may be offering. In this way they may get interested to act further and know more about the product or the seller.

Infographics are one of the most engaging ways to present your information or your content. People love infographics as they are attractive as well as easy to read instead of a bulk of information.

Infographics can be like a teaser of a bigger plan or like a preview of a bigger information. These teasers will encourage readers to explore more about the page or the information it contains. This will encourage them to visit or navigate to more pages to learn more about it.


Don’t Ignore Lower Level Pages
People often ignore the lower level page which they don’t consider important enough to pay attention to as compared to home pages. Often content on lower level pages is copied and pasted just to fill up spaces and not keep it empty but it is important to understand that lower level pages are as important as a home page.

What if someone lands on a lower level page on your website and the page is not organized or disappointing to the reader as he is not able to find the information he came looking on that lower level page? They are likely to close the page or go back immediately. So, it is important pay attention to your lower level pages and maintain quality content and correct hierarchy to make the user experience of the pages better and thereby decrease its bounce rate.


Want to decrease the bounce rate of your website? Let’s sit down and talk. You can contact us now.

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