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Build An Online Community To Share

Online Community
Jan 19, 2015 0 Comment

Imagine a place where people get together and they have something in common to share or to talk about, it will be a dreamland for you. An online community serves the same purpose of providing an online space to get together with people whom you have something in common or something to discuss with like minded people.

All online communities start with a common identifier who recognizes that common interest and then builds a community around it. Common interest can be anything like profession or hobby or a product or a social behavior.

An online community requires a lot of time and proper planning to be established.

Choosing The Right Topic For Your Community Is The Key To Success
Finding the right topic can make all the difference between making your online community a hit or a flop. Ask yourself and find out answers to these question to arrive at the right topic which will help you gather maximum engagement-

  • Will People Online Support Your Community?
    You may choose a topic which may be relevant to you but there might not enough audience which can relate with it or support it. Make sure the audience you are targeting with a topic is large enough to maintain an active engagement on the community.

  • Is Your Topic Too Competitive?
    Avoid choosing a topic which already caters several online communities and people are already happily engaged with these online communities. If you choose a topic like that then be aware that you will have to fight to make your place in the market.

    Try to find something unique about your topic if you are targeting an established audience to give something new or to fill a void.

  • Is Your Topic Strong Enough To Turn It Into A Community?
    Try to find a bond in your topic which will keep your community together and will benefit the community. Also try to find a point which will help to sustain your online community.

Always consider the online communities already in existence before starting your own and think how your online community can offer people something new or unique to connect and come together.

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