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Bye Bye Orkut

Bye Bye Orkut
Sep 30, 2014 0 Comment

Orkut will take its final breath today. As announced earlier, Google is going to shut down Orkut today (30th September 2014). Orkut was Google’s first social networking venture but it couldn’t survive the competition with Facebook and Twitter.

Orkut initially became very popular in India especially amongst youngsters. Remember those Orkut profiles, scraps or testimonials. Looking at them now creates a nostalgia. Later Google launched another social network called Google+ which is giving tough competition to Facebook and Twitter.

Today is the last day of Orkut and if you have any memories or scraps or testimonials or photos to wrap up or export, you better hurry up. You can export your photos, scraps and testimonials to Google+ with Google Takeout but not after today. Here is a guide to help you to export your photos, scraps and testimonials.

Google will be creating an archive of all Orkut communities after it shuts down Orkut. If you don’t want your names or posts to appear in the archive then you will have to delete your account today.

So, hurry up before its too late. Bid your last goodbyes to Orkut and export your data.

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