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Call Them To Your Ads With Google Adwords Callout

Google AdWords Callout
Sep 05, 2014 0 Comment

Google AdWords latest additional feature Callout allows you to include additional text with your Ads for detailed or interesting information about your product or service or your business. You can just add them while creating your campaign.

How they are cool and useful at the same time ?
Callout text appear like sitelinks but they are not like sitelinks. Like sitelinks, they don’t carry any link. You can use them to tell USPs or interesting things like 24-7 service, free shipping, special offers or any other interesting information about you product or service.

Callouts appear just below your Ad copy like a highlighted text without links.Creating and managing Callouts is an easy task. You can create and update Callouts anytime easily. Callouts provide detailed and important information about your offers or features or policies. And top of all there is no extra cost for adding Callouts.

For detailed information about Callouts, you can visit Google AdWords official blog.

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