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Can Local Customers Find You Online?

Let Your Local Audience Find You Online
Apr 15, 2015 0 Comment

It’s important for you that your local customers including potential ones are able to find you online. You need to work towards two important points. First, people should be able to find the store located nearest to them if you are muti store brand and second, your brand should appear in the local search when people make a more generalized search like ‘best burgers Delhi’ instead of ‘Mcdonalds’.

If you don’t work on these points to strengthen your local SEO then chances are high that your local competitor might get all the business you could get because they have worked on local SEO and you haven’t.

Here are some tips to get more close to your local audience-

  • Include Store Locator
    With mobile search surging, it’s important to have a store locator to enable people to find you online and that too designed in a responsive design grid, for people to easily use it on their mobile devices.Invest in page per locators, so that people are able to locate the store located nearest to the customer whether the customer is searching on website itself or search engines or social networks.
  • Don’t Forget Social Media
    Social Media Optimization can play a major part in your local SEO strategy. Social signals on social media channels including likes, shares, reviews, ratings and comments can play a big role in proving your popularity in a particular location with special reference to Google+ local page. Google can use these signals to rank your business in local search. More locally relevant content or pages you have, higher you will rank in Google local search.
  • Reputation Matters
    Customer’s reviews on Google+ and Facebook and review websites like Zomato, Trip Advisor or Ask Me cannot be ignored. You should be capable of handling positive as well as negative reviews for your website. Staying silent is not an option, you need to respond to these customer review to tell customers that your brand is not deaf to customer reviews but takes them seriously.
  • It’s Important To Advertise
    Your brand can benefit from Google and social media local advertising. Local advertising will help to drive local traffic both physical from online to nearest offline store and from social media channels or search engines to related landing page.These local awareness ads helps you to reach mobile users near your business location.

Share your thoughts and views on this article in the comment section below or you can also contact us if you need assistance in reaching your local audiences.

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