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Make Your Website Accessible

Sep 09, 2014 0 Comment

We now hope that you have read and understood what web accessibility is and what the benefits of web accessibility are through our recent blog posts. Now you can get started to make your website accessible with following general pointers Content- Plan your content in such a way that it is easy to view...


Web Accessibility : A Necessity

Sep 07, 2014 0 Comment

In this age, we are always fighting for equality in almost every field but we don’t even acknowledge equality in the digital world. Web is for everyone not matter if the user is physically challenged or old. How Web Accessibility is beneficial for physically challenged or older people ? Web is...


Is Your Website Accessible To All Or Are You Forgetting Someone ?

Sep 06, 2014 0 Comment

Web Accessibility : Do you know about it ? Web should be accessible to all, not only to a particular group or community. Web Accessibility means making web accessible to physically challenged and elderly people. Web can be accessed by these people through special devices like screen readers or keyboards...


Become Responsible with Responsive Web Design

Aug 31, 2014 0 Comment

We live in a dynamic world where technology is changing constantly. The website which was called perfect two months ago is quoted as an example of “What not to do when designing a website”. Attaining perfection has become a marathon now, and to keep pace with the competitors, it is necessary for...


Website: An Investment Not An Expense

Aug 30, 2014 0 Comment

Well, before talking about website, let us first talk about the difference between an expense and an investment. In economic terms, an investment is the purchase of goods that are not consumed today but are saved for future consumption, whereas an expense is the cost that a business incurs to operate. We...


Refresh Ideas Launches New Responsive Website for OBI MOBILES

Jul 17, 2014 2 Comment

Refresh Ideas is proud to launch website for OBI Mobiles. |  www.obimobiles.com Headquartered in Singapore and promoted by Toronto based Inflexionpoint, a globally focused IT supply chain company co-founded by John Sculley, Ex CEO of Apple Inc., Obi Mobiles is led in India by Ajay Sharma as CEO. The...


Essentials for your Homepage

Jun 16, 2014 0 Comment

You only get one chance to impress your visitor. To make sure you are successful, you will have to be precise and clear in making a creative homepage which encourages your visitor to browse more. Here are some must-haves for your Homepage: 1. Contact Details A homepage must have complete contact details....


It’s Time to Update your WordPress SEO Plug-ins

Jun 13, 2014 0 Comment

According to the recent notice issued by Securi Blog, the popular “All in one SEO Pack” plug-in for WordPress has major security issues.  It is vulnerable to malware and viruses. The WordPress websites using this plug-in are prone to malware attacks because it allowed non-admin users, subscribers...


Cost Vs Quality in Website Designing and Development

Jun 11, 2014 1 Comment

With increasing web users and growing e-commerce market, getting online is the need of the hour for businesses. Though, there are entrepreneurs, who are confident to invest in an online presence, many are still in an experiment mode, unable to make up their minds. As a result, like any rational user,...


Landing Page Redesign

Jun 11, 2014 0 Comment

Landing page is the webpage through which you collect a visitor’s information through a form. Thus, to capture a visitor’s attention so that he fills the form must be creative and simple at the same time. The question is are you sure that your landing page good enough to generate leads ? Here are...


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