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Commandments To Increase Conversions For E-Commerce In 2015

Convert More E-commerce Customers In 2015
Jan 07, 2015 0 Comment

2015 is here and new year is the perfect time to purchase gifts for your close and loved ones. This makes it the perfect opportunity for e-commerce websites to make use of it and gain profit by increasing conversions.

Here are 7 commandments to increase conversions for e-commerce websites in 2015-

  1. Clean & Clutter Free Design
    Shift focus of people to your products with a clutter free and clean design, with everything placed at the right place on your home page of your e-commerce website. A clean and organized layout brings focus of people to large products display images and the product details.

  2. Promote On Home Page
    Everyone likes discounts and other exciting offers. Highlight and mark such offers on your home page of your website in such a way that it cannot be ignored by any visitor.

  3. Interactive Product Videos
    There is always this question in the mind of customers before buying a product that how does it work and what benefit does it provides. Videos explaining about the usage and benefits of the product can be really helpful in selling the product on an e-commerce website.

  4. Easily Navigable Paths
    Organized navigation paths and well defined breadcrumbs allow users to easily navigate the whole website. Categorize the products correctly and keep a search box to help users to find the products they are looking for.

  5. Recommending Products Is Recommended For Your Website
    Keep a track of purchases of your customers so, you can recommend products related to their earlier purchase and interests. Place the section of “Recommended Products” near the footer area.

  6. No Hidden Charges
    Include every pricing detail about the product on the product page including shipping and price of the product. There should not be any hidden cost at the time of payment.

  7. A Checkout That Everyone Wants To Checkout
    Aim for a hurdle free checkout process on your e-commerce website to make the purchase process easy for every customer. Put yourself in the customers shoes and think what step annoys you in your checkout process. Work on everything that can ease a customer’s buying process and can improve their shopping experience on your website.

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