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Control What Is Being Said About You Online

Control What Is Being Said About You Online
Dec 06, 2014 0 Comment

Goodwill of a brand takes years to build up but takes only a moment to break. This holds true for both online and offline.

You can work on different mediums to build your reputation online including social media, press releases and blogs. But with so many mediums the number of challenges also increases like false press releases or damaging blogs about you written by third party.

Leaving aside legal actions, here are cleaning methods you take to save your goodwill or reputation online-

  • New Site
    Creating your own new site to address the topic on which negative press releases are already present will help to counteract the negative press releases with your own content. Create fresh content to publish on your site.

    Create a 301 redirect for the domains you have but are not using, so that you claim your seats before they are misused .

  • Existing Site To Tell Correct Story
    If you already own a website related to the situation then post your side of the story explaining the facts to counter act the negative posts present online. In this way, you will be able to control what is said and written about you online.

    Properly optimizing meta tags and URLs will help you to get your pages indexed properly.

  • Claim Your Social Channels
    Tell people what channels are owned by you on social media. This will not let them to trust information published on fake pages and channels not owned by you. If you don’t have these channels then sign up as soon as possible to establish your authority online on social media.

Control what is being said about you or allow us to do it as we have done it successfully in the past otherwise as we said earlier it takes years to build you reputation and just a moment to break.

Contact us if you’re facing such a situation.

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