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Culture Has A Big Influence On Our Web Designs

Nov 19, 2014 0 Comment

Refresh Ideas has the advantage of working with people around the globe. This helps us to know about their culture better and also in building respect for every culture.

Members of our own team come from diverse cultures which has helped our work by understanding and respecting different cultures.

We continuously try to infuse our cultural understanding in our work. A website is more effective or has more impact on people when it is sensitive to the cultures of its visitors.

How We Do It-

  • Cultural Research
    What may work in an Indian culture may not work in an American culture and vice versa. So, before moving on to making the product we research about the culture of the audience it plans to target.

    We try to find out every minute detail like what people we are targeting like, dislike, follow, don’t follow, what words have more impact on them and what words have less impact etc. This exercise helps us in the designing process of the website.

  • Make Sure There Are No Barriers In Cultural Communication
    Your audience may belong to a different culture and you may belong to different culture. Through our cultural research, we make sure your message is communicated properly to the user without any cultural barriers.

    Cultural research helps us understand what sort of text, colors, pictures, fonts and visuals your target audience will like. Including them in our web design helps us to break any kind of cultural barrier between you and your audience.

We never failed to recognize the importance of cultures of the audience, people we work for and people we work with. This has made our understanding of different cultures better and has always helped us to include a cultural element in our web designs.

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