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Divorce Just Got Easy With Quick Online Divorce

Quick Online Divorce
Aug 01, 2015 0 Comment

Quick Online Divorce, a UK based firm which provides a hassle free online process for divorce cases in UK. The main idea behind it was to make the usually hectic and expensive process of divorce a hassle free and affordable process and that too online.

How We Met
Interactions with Quick Divorce Online team began when they reached us with a requirement to develop an easy hassle free online divorce process for the married couples through their website. We gave them just that. We developed an advanced backend mechanism as per the brief shared by the client. The process works with very limited manual assistance from the attorney’s office which helps to streamline the divorce process and reduce costs for the people seeking divorce.

An Easy Process For Filing Divorce Petition
We divided the process into 10 simple stages of filing a divorce petition. This way it is easy for the divorce seeker and our client having complete admin control to oversee the entire case.

Quick Online Divorce Admin Panel

Admin Panel Which Allows Easy Communication With Clients
We have designed the backend panel in such a way that it’s so easy to use that even a non IT person can also handle it without any pain. The admin panel is based on ASP.NET Web Forms which allows the attorney’s office staff to use the site admin panel with nearly no special assistance after the initial briefings, which results in qualitative and fast assessment of the cases.

Security First!
The online payment process on the website was secured by integrating the payment gateway by Sage. We ensured that the data exchanged on the website is secured with a series of web-based encrypted services.

Flexible Responsive Design
The website is designed in a Responsive Grid making it Mobile Friendly with a clutter free CMS which allows you to add or edit existing content any time.

Quick Online Divorce Responsive

There are hosts of such features, click on the website link http://www.quickonlinedivorce.co.uk and check for yourselves.

Quick Online Divorce offers various online options varying from DIY Divorce process to complete financial and legal assistance by experts along with Free Divorce Guides which you can download from the website itself.


After all divorce isn’t such a tragedy, tragedy is living in an unhappy marriage and you can now avoid such a tragedy in a complete digital way with Quick Online Divorce & we are happy to be a part of it.

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