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Its Diwali For E-Commerce Retailers Too

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Oct 15, 2014 0 Comment

Festival season is coming up and it will be like heaven on earth for e-commerce website owners. Everybody is bulked up during this season to buy gifts for others and for themselves. This season is the most profitable season for e-commerce websites.

E-Commerce observes the climax of shopping 7-10 days before the festival season. Most of the people start shopping 7-10 days before festivals, so you as a e-retailer should be prepared for it. Merchants always make sure that your website is able to handle that kind of traffic.

Here are some tips to prepare yourselves and your website for this festive season-

  1. Easy To Load & Navigate
    Difficult to load or slow or unattractive e-commerce websites are a big turn-off for shoppers. Make sure your website isn’t slow or unattractive.

    Keep simple navigation across the entire website. Content should be easy to understand and should be written in a font which is not difficult to read. There should be consistency in colors and fonts. Your website shouldn’t take much time to load a page.

    These factors will have a big impact on visitors and will help to increase conversions.

  2. Mobile Optimization
    Revenue generated by e-commerce through mobile is quite huge. Customers most of the time like to place orders through their mobile devices. You should make sure your website is optimized appropriately for mobiles or tablets so that the customer doesn’t find it difficult to add items to their shopping carts through their mobile devices. Great shopping experience on mobile will increase your sales significantly.

  3. Personalized & Customized Offers
    With visitors data easily available, e-retailers can easily use the data to offer personalized deals to customers according to their activities. These deals are more likely to please them and have a high probability to convert. You can also use demographic or geographic data to customize your offers.

  4. Social Media Is Important
    With all social media channels along with email advertising and display ad, you can bring a lot of traffic to your website and increase conversions. Measure conversion through social media during festivals and after festivals also. This will also help you to track problems and issues which customers faced while shopping on your website.

  5. Increase Your Server Capacity
    If your website cannot handle big traffic then the big festive season can turn into a disaster for you. Increase your server capacity so that you are able to entertain increased traffic and offer best customer service and experience.

    In peak seasons, often websites are not prepared to handle such huge traffic. Flipkart’s Big Billion Day is the perfect example. Make sure your website can entertain any amount of traffic in any season to offer perfect shopping experience.

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