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Don’t Let Them Leave The Cart

Shopping Cart
Dec 18, 2014 0 Comment

Sale is not accomplished when customer adds product he wants to buy to the cart. He can leave the cart without making the purchase. Leaving shopping cart without making purchases causes huge losses to e-commerce websites.

Make sure you are not of the e-commerce websites which make huge losses due to shopping cart abandonment by following these measures-

  • Reconsider Your Shipping Cost
    Most of the customers abandon the shopping carts due high shipping charges which they discover later at the time of payment. People are encouraged to make purchases when the shipping is free or clearly mentioned in the product details before making payments.

  • Easily Accessible Cart
    Don’t make it hard for for the customer to find the cart when he has added an item and still shopping. Place the cart in a position that is easily accessible and stays with the customer as he surfs from page to page.

  • Website Is Mobile Friendly But Is Your Checkout Too?
    Many people now make their purchases on their mobile devices. To make shopping experience better, not only the website but your checkout process also needs to be mobile friendly too. Most of the shoppers have a hard time shopping because the checkout process is not mobile friendly. We believe sales can improve if the checkout process is mobile friendly along with the website.

  • Easy Checkout Process
    Multiple forms to fill before buying turns off a customer. Easy and short checkout process helps impatient shoppers to make a purchase and you to sell. Ask for only essential details like shipping address and name and skip irrelevant information in your forms.

  • Guest Checkout
    Allow shoppers to continue shopping as a guest user. Most of the users don’t like to create an account, they only want to make a purchase and stay away any bumps.

    You don’t want your checkout process to look like this-

  • Pay As You Like
    Multiple options to pay should be available to customers including credit cards, debit cards, net banking or cash on delivery to make their shopping experience memorable.

Make sure you make your customer’s shopping experience like heaven so, they are tempted to come back and make purchases.

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