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Don’t Let Your Personal Brand Remain Personal

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Apr 28, 2015 0 Comment

Personal branding is a good way to build your individual reputation apart from your business. It will help you to build trust with your customers and employees on a more personal level and will also help in increasing sales and revenue.

But personal branding is not just creating a website or a social media account with your name, it takes more than that to build your personal brand.

Here are some tips to follow while building your personal brand which we also followed while creating the website of Kunwer Sachdev (Founder and Managing director of Su-Kam Power Systems Limited) -

  • Be Consistent
    If your branding strategy for your personal brand is not consistent and effective then your brand won’t be considered a brand.

    Entrepreneurs usually think personal branding is all about making social contacts, no matter how inconsistent it may be. This is where they go wrong and are unable to establish their brand.

    You need to make sure through audit and adjustments that your branding efforts are consistent and effective.

  • Don’t Miss Social Networking Channels
    With many social channels, comes many opportunities and platforms. Each platform has it’s own number of users. This means establishing on each social network will give opportunities to interact and connect with more number of people.

    Giving a network miss will mean missing the significant audience you can gather with that network. You don’t need to completely establish yourself on these networks but creating a presence felt on these networks is a good idea.

  • Interact More
    More often than not, people just keep posting their content without paying attention to feedbacks and comments from their follower or fans. Responding to these feedbacks and comments can help you create a dialogue and help people know that you read and care about their comments.

    Creating dialogue can be really helpful for your personal brand. Besides responding to feedbacks, you can also open a dialogue with a question or a survey or a discussion. This will provide your brand more exposure and interaction.

  • Borrow Thoughts
    Yes you are creating a personal brand but that doesn’t mean that it should only flow with your personal thoughts. It may be about you but you can always endorse someone else’s thought but which you agree with.

    Sharing other’s content can be helpful but it needs to be limited to the extent where your identity doesn’t gets lost which is the sole purpose of creating a personal brand.

Share your opinion and issues related to Personal Branding in the comment section down below.

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