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Don’t Put Your Face Down To Competition

Pay attention to competition
Sep 26, 2014 0 Comment

Doing what you are doing and not caring about what others are doing is not going to work in today’s scenario as the competition is not limited anymore. Working in isolation and ignoring what your competitors are doing is as harmful as not working at all. You should always keep a track of what are the websites that you are competing with are doing and compare your website’s performance with theirs. You can always learn or get inspired with your competitor’s work because may be you are doing it wrong and they are doing it right.

Here are some tips and tools that allow you to keep a check on your website’s performance and compare it with others-

  • What Grade You Got A Or B ?
    Use Grader.com to know how you are doing as compared to your competition. Grader report can help you to find out how many links you have gathered for yourself and how many your competitor has gathered. More links may indicate that you or your competitor who ever is getting more links is getting more popularity.

  • Likes And Followers
    Facebook can be used to assess your fan following via likes and you can compare it with your competitor’s fan following or likes. Same goes with twitter followers. More likes and followers means customer loyalty and if your competitor has got more of that then you got a reason to worry and work on.

  • ‘Honk’, Get Aside Traffic Is Coming
    Compete.com can give detailed analysis and comparison of traffic drawn to your website and traffic to your competitor’s website.

  • Who’s Making That Buzzz… ?
    SiteAlerts.com allows you to know the number of times you or your website is mentioned on the web and get a list of keywords which are drawing traffic to your website. Of course you can do this with Google Analytics but with SiteAlerts you get to compare this data with that of your competitors.
    Google search with your own “brand name” and look at the number of results that are recorded for your website. Repeat the same for your competitors and compare the buzz you are making and the buzz created by your competitor.

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