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Essentials for your Homepage

Jun 16, 2014 0 Comment

You only get one chance to impress your visitor. To make sure you are successful, you will have to

be precise and clear in making a creative homepage which encourages your visitor to browse more.

Here are some must-haves for your Homepage:

1. Contact Details

A homepage must have complete contact details. You should provide all possible ways

through which your visitors can contact you. This includes your complete address with

directions, a valid phone number and most importantly an active email id.

2. Relevant Images

As an entrepreneur, your aim should be to showcase your business on your website

homepage with the help of correct images and graphics. The images which appear on the

homepage must give a clear idea to your visitor about what you do.

3. Navigation

A website with clear navigation and working links, which show where the link leads, is a sign

of thoughtful and professional web designing. Make sure your website is user friendly and

easy to browse. You don’t want your customers to leave because they could not find the link

of your product.

4. Newsletter Sign Up Option

Asking your visitors to sign up for a newsletter is a good technique to build a potential

customer base. And having this option on your homepage will make it easier for your visitors

to stay connected.

5. Social Media links

Social media widgets help your visitors to follow you instantly. And if you are active on

Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin, you should never miss a chance to invite your visitors or

customers to follow you.


At Refresh Ideas, our designers are experts in making pages which will stand out, and make

your websites complete and unique. For us, fulfilling the essentials is just the start to design

a masterpiece.

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