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Evolution Of Search Queries

Evolution Of Search Queries
Feb 20, 2015 0 Comment

People earlier used to search with random words or unstructured sentences using broad categories and very little details. Times have changed and so has the way people search. Now they search with proper detailed sentences. This has made content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to evolve over time.

What Does The Audience Wants?

What Does Audience Wants?

People search like how they speak naturally now which means keyword stuffing can no longer be a shortcut to climb search ranking. You have to serve what people are thinking and searching. If your website doesn’t serve in the same way then the user will not even stay for a second and leave.

Content Is The King & Framework Is The Kingdom

Content Is King

Content is the king, now everybody knows that but what also matters is the framework in which it is embedded.

No matter how compelling and researched you blog may be, it will not get the desired or deserving attention until it is embedded in a solid framework or authoritative domain.

Backlinking Is Still Powerful
Backlinking is still a powerful source to increase your organic ranking. Like word of mouth, backlinking is putting a third party stamp or vote of trust on your website that can help in improving your organic visibility.

It is important to understand the search behavior and evaluate it from time to time to formulate and make changes to your content to become more relevant to your audience.

Try and understand the search environment on search engines and hashtag culture on social media platforms to form an efficient marketing strategy. Evaluate the behavior of your audience, divide them accordingly and target them with relevant sales pitch.

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