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Facebook Doesn’t Like Pushy People

Facebook Doesn't Like Pushy People
Feb 18, 2015 0 Comment

If you don’t want to get penalized by Facebook and omitted from newsfeed of people then you will need to tone down your approach towards Facebook. Facebook is going to penalize pages that are too pushy in their sales pitch or those who are aggressive in promoting their brand on Facebook.

One way to get around this is to start investing and pay to promote and increase the reach of your post and forget organic search. The other way is to upgrade your content marketing game by producing quality and unique content that will excite Facebook as well as its users.

We jotted down three bullet points which will help in upgrading your content marketing strategies-

  • Customized Facebook Images
    Images have been always and will continue to increase engagement on Facebook. Share customized images on Facebook to engage and excite users to view your content. Every image you share with your blog posts should have an exciting image that will encourage a user to explore more about the blog post.

  • Be To The Point With No Confusion
    Hit your points with point-blank range with no room for confusion. Don’t linger around, lay down your points with no confusion so that people think in your direction.

  • Maintain Exclusivity
    Post some content on Facebook that people cannot get from any other source including your website and other social media platforms to maintain exclusivity on your Facebook page.

Facebook is getting competitive day by day by removing weeds which diverts people’s attention from quality and unique content. With Facebook you will also have to get competitive to maintain your pace and not lag behind.

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