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Facebook Keeps You Safe With ‘Safety Check’

Facebook Safety Check
Oct 20, 2014 0 Comment

During 2011 tsunami and earthquake in Japan, many people suffering from the havoc used Facebook and other social media channels to connect. This inspired Facebook’s engineers in Japan to develop a tool named “Disaster Message Board” to allow users to connect in the times of crisis like this. The board received an overwhelming response which encouraged engineer to give the board a more dynamic feel and develop ‘Safety Check’.

Facebook recently unveiled the new tool ‘Safety Check’ which allows users near areas affected by disaster to check in and tell their friends and loved ones that they are safe. Once the users act then their friends will know about their safety as they will be marked safe.

This tool allows users to see how many of their friends are in the affected zone and how many amongst them have checked in and how many have not.

Safety Check uses location information from your profile like city you live in, your last location, nearby friends information and city where you are using internet to provide your safety information to your friends and family on Facebook.

The feature will soon be available across all platforms including iOS, desktop, Android and other mobile devices. This is a big step on the part of Facebook to help people in the time of a natural crisis. Natural crisis are now quite prevalent like recent floods in Jammu & Kashmir. This tool will be a great help to people stuck in a crisis like this to call for help or inform their kin about their safety.

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