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Free Website Builders Are Not Free In Long Run

You Can't Afford A Free Website Builder
Nov 04, 2014 0 Comment

A website built from an automatic website builder may cost or charge nothing for website creation but it will cost you a huge amount in long run. You may be thinking how hiring a web designing firm instead of an automatic website builder is better option when the latter costs you nothing.

Well here is horror story you are going to face if you go for free website builder-

  • You Will Lose Customer’s Trust
    Designs or layouts that these website builders create are very generic, so your website will end up looking like thousand other websites already present online. These tools allow you to choose from a range of already created themes that have been used by thousand other people. Can face of your business i.e. your website afford to look like everyone’s? Answer is no because you will lose on one of the main factors behind success of a business i.e. uniqueness. Think like a user, will you do business with a firm with a website that is generic looking or a firm with a unique web design?
  • No Experimentation
    When you first get a website, you make sure it contains all the essential features and later on think of adding other features as you come across them. From landing pages for campaigns to mobile optimization to more features that makes navigation more easy, all these features are added later to improve your website. But free website builders doesn’t leaves any scope to add more features and discourage you from experimentation.
  • No Brand Image & SEO
    With a free website builder you will get a design that doesn’t represent your business ideologies and objectives at all. No further services of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will be provided which will make you discoverable by people on search engines. Then what exactly will it do? Nothing.
  • Poor Performance
    A free website isn’t optimized, so it is slow to load as well as provides poor mobile user experience. These website builders host your website on an overcrowded server with thousand other websites which results in slow and poor performance.

It is one free thing in the world which you will regret taking. It may be free in the initial stage but it may charge you later. Even if it doesn’t, the loss it will incur to your business will be much more than the cost of hiring a professional web designing firm.

Come to us with your idea or a concept, we will help you convert it into a website with our skills. Look into our portfolio to view and feel our magic.

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