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What Does Your Home Page Do?

Home Page
Oct 31, 2014 0 Comment

Home Page is most likely the first page to be seen by visitors of your website. If that doesn’t tell anything what you do then it most likely will shoo away your visitors or potential customers. A badly designed home page is equal to a badly designed website, no matter how other pages of your website have been designed.

A pretty face is incomplete without a good heart. You may be able to prepare a pretty looking homepage but there is a bigger picture behind a perfect home page. A detailed thought process goes behind the designing task of home page to get not just a pretty looking but a useful and meaningful home page that represents your business ethics and goals perfectly.

Ingredients your home page should have-

  • Your Brand
    Your business’s goal or objective should be quite clear to the visitor when he/she visits your home page. An attractive logo that goes with the theme of your business with short slogan or tagline which details about your business well is a must have on your home page.
  • Simple Navigation
    Other pages of your website shouldn’t be difficult to reach through your homepage. Easy flow to other pages from your home page can be done through a top menu or a side menu with clear and simple icons and text. Easy navigation helps visitors to search or reach to more content or products or services which will help in converting a visitor into a customer.
  • Short But Perfect Copy
    Short and clear copy always works instead of long and complex. Keep your copy for home page short but clear and descriptive. It should be able to catch reader’s attention and tell visitors about your brand, business, objective and products or services you are offering. Divide your copy into parts with appropriate and descriptive headings to avoid chaos.
  • Image That Capture Your Audience
    One or maximum three images that are descriptive and creative enough to tell what you sell or offering will capture your visitor’s attention. Too many images will create chaos on your home page by confusing your audience.
  • Teasers
    You should not include everything on website on your home page. Just give glimpses or hints about offerings of your business so that they are teased to discover it.
  • Call To Action
    One thing which most of the home page lack is a call to action. Some home pages don’t have it at all and some have so many calls to action. Like too many cooks spoil the food, too many calls to action can spoil the home page. One call to action is perfect. One descriptive and impactful call to action like “click here to view the product” or “buy now” will encourage visitors to act.

For well thought and constructed website homepage design have a look at our portfolio section, where you will find enough examples to understand the maturity and attentiveness we have towards business ethos while designing every website homepage.

Get in touch if you need your website to be revamped with perfect blend of aesthetics, business objectives and functionality.

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