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Is Your Home Page Homely To Visitors?

Organize Your Home Page
Apr 29, 2015 0 Comment

An organized home is where you are able to find what you need and make your life simpler. An organized Home Page of a website should provide the same feeling to your visitors. It should provide them what they are seeking for.

We always put ourselves in customer’s shoes to think how will they behave or respond to the content provided on the home page. You need to ask yourself following questions to see whether your home page does the job it was meant for or not-

What Is There For Customers?
If a customer cannot figure out what your brand sells from your home page then your home page is still incomplete. You need to fix it as fast as possible otherwise your home page will keep putting off visitors. Your website should be able to tell a visitor what does your company do and what does it offer in a way that no one else can do. You should be able to convince the visitor that his/her problem can be solved best by what you are offering.

Why Are You Different?
There might be thousand other websites offering same product as you. You home page needs to offer a fresh and unique prospective about what you are selling to tell people that you are different.

Can Your Visitors/Customers Trust You?
It’s important that your visitors or customers trust your brand and your website. Trust is of course doesn’t build up overtime, it is earned organically. Once people start trusting you, conversions will follow.

Can They Reach You?
A customer after becoming familiar with your brand and product, should be able to reach you. Your home page should be able to guide your visitors on how to reach you. And make sure this guide isn’t complex. The way to reach should be simple and visible.

Your home page will be effective only when it is providing what your potential customers are looking for and it solves their problem.

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