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Landing Page That Lands Success

Landing Page
Nov 21, 2014 0 Comment

Though every page on a website is a landing page but not each page is designed to land new business or customers.

If you want your landing page to land you success and increase conversions then follow the following-

  • Ad Copy & Landing Page Should Talk Same
    Campaigns on search engines and social media that are mostly connected with a landing page should talk about the same thing or content present on the landing page. If the text on these ad copies and social media campaigns do not match with the content on the landing page then it can confuse people and increase your bounce rates.

  • Shoot The Call To Action In the Face
    Don’t make conversion path confusing for any visitor. A visitor hates to find what to do next.

    Tell them straight what you want them to do next, they don’t have time to find it themselves. Don’t let them revolve around instead shoot them with the call to action with no room for confusion.

  • Reduce The Chaos
    The motive behind a landing page is to encourage visitors to act. For this you have to reduce the clutter on the page and include only those things that are important for encouraging people to act. A strong call to action, appropriate headings and no unnecessary navigations is all it takes.

  • Incentives
    Provide special offers, discounts or free demos to encourage people to act. Limited offers like “buy now to get free” encourage people the most to act on a landing page.

    An incentive that lures the audience the most is more likely to benefit and encourage people to act.

Designing a landing page which lands you success and acts as per your purpose of creating the landing page is an art. And we know the art of creating a perfect landing page with all the right elements. Don’t believe us? Look at our portfolio.

Contact us now to get your landing page designed by our expert team.

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