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Let The Music Begin With Marketing Unplugged

Let The Music Begin With Marketing Unplugged
Jun 19, 2015 0 Comment

MarketingUnplugged, the brainchild of Mr. Suman Srivastava (Chief Strategy Officer FCB Ulka, Ex CEO Euro RSCG India) & Mr. Saad Khan (Ex VP Planning, Euro RSCG India) whom we had the pleasure of working with for the revamp of their website www.marketingunplugged.in

Marketing Unplugged, attempts to bring back the art into marketing, encourage the creative side of building brands and developing strategies. Marketing Unplugged is a team of strategy planners who aim at creating innovative marketing strategies for brands and businesses to help them rise in this competitive environment. Mr. Suman Srivastava, a veteran in the arena of Advertising, feels that Marketing today is still done on the basis of last century’s thinking when there was limited competition. He feels that in this era of hyper competition, brands need to keep up with the pace of changing business environment. That’s where Marketing Unplugged steps in to challenge the norms and question the way things are done. They break out the formulaic and predictable processes to create innovative marketing strategies.

Marketing Unplugged website is a glimpse of creative thought process, while deciding the architecture of the website, the focus was on the basic question – ‘How we can bring back a visitor to the website?” An innovative approach was taken and the site was built around the various social media platforms frequented by Suman, where he likes, bookmarks, reviews or comments his point of view across multiple channels. This filtered information gives the users front row view of curated, highly selected articles and information that can help their businesses or life in general.

The biggest challenge of all was to connect & power the website with various social channels of Mr. Suman Srivastava like Goodreads, Pocket, Blog, Slideshare to pull and consolidate all the curated content at one place including his own views via blog, articles curated by him, books that he reads and also his presentations. So, whoever wants to follow Mr. Suman Srivastava, can read all what he thinks under one roof i.e. Marketing Unplugged.

Marketing Unplugged

MarketingUnplugged website is created in Responsive Design Grid for optimum viewing in different screen sizes may it be Mobile, Tablet or Desktop. At the core of the website we have used WordPress for content management system, with customized design to suit their requirements. We made sure the design of the website glorifies the content with easy scrolling across the whole page with just a click or a scroll. Special attention was given to mobile making sure the content is easily readable across all the platforms making it responsive.

Refresh Ideas have done a great job building our website – www.marketingunplugged.in This project was complicated and we had already been to two web developers who had not been able to solve the technical issues involved. Refresh Ideas were not only able to solve the problems, but also gave the website a clean and fresh look. They were responsive right through the project and it was a pleasure to work with them.


Suman Srivastava
Mr. Suman Srivastava

A graduate from Delhi University, IIM Ahmadabad and IMD Lausanne, Suman Srivastava is the quintessential advertising strategist. He started his career with the Lintas Group and was part of the team that set up SSC&B. He then moved to Euro RSCG in India and eventually became its CEO as well as chief strategy officer for its Asia Pacific region. He then turned entrepreneur with Marketing Unplugged. He is also an author, a trainer and a marathon runner. He has added on the role of Chief Strategy Officer at FCB Ulka recently and also powering his own venture Marketing Unplugged.

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