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Let’s Play Refresh Ideas (no excuses)

Lets Play
Nov 13, 2014 1 Comment

Satyamev Jayate’s first episode of third season, Let’s Play India stressing on the importance of physical activity inspired our team of Refresh Ideas to organize a sports day every month. We will go out every month for outdoor recreation to freshen up our minds and bodies.

To make it fun and interesting, we made a rule that whoever comes late for the game will have to treat everyone with ice cream and if someone goes to the extent of missing it then that person will have to treat everyone with lunch. Yes, we are serious about it ;-)

This month we started with India’s all-time favourite game Cricket. We were successful in shedding cobwebs from our muscles and minds which was the sole motive of this event. Leaving all our work behind team Refresh Ideas played a series of four exciting games.

Nikhil our Digital Designer and Sandeep our PHP Developer were selected as our two captains and played their part quite well. While Sandeep’s team won all the tosses, Nikhil’s team won all the matches… at the end we have to call it equal win – LOL!

There were sixes, fours, wide balls (quite a lot especially by our lead designer Vatan Dhingra),  small fights over a single run and never ending laughs. Of course we were not playing like pros but we were spirited like pros. Nikhil’s team defeated Sandeep’s team by 4-0. Though one team lost and one team won as it is supposed be in the game of cricket but all of us won happiness and joy of going out, forgetting everything and just playing. Refresh Ideas not only works like a team but also plays like a team.

We not only play together but we also eat together. After the play, we went for a good hearty lunch. After playing for hours, a good lunch was all we needed. On the whole, it was a day that will be framed in our hearts.

In a busy life like ours it becomes very important to go out, play and leave all the tensions behind for a moment.

Outdoor recreation is important to reclaim the nature and the fun we used to have outdoors. Busy lives has allowed us to forget the fun of playing outdoors. So we pledge to take out a day every month and indulge in any physical activity and we hope you do the same. Its not that difficult, trust us.

Let’s Play!

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  1. Vatan Dhingra says:

    Most wide balls were bowled by Asif. Ye galat parchar hai :P . But anyways it was fun. :D

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