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“Look Here”- This Is What Web Typography Should Mean

Jan 14, 2015 0 Comment

Typography or font size of the text has the power to turn any head if used right. Having said that, typography is not just about pretty fonts but it is bigger than that. It’s almost like making a website breathe again by using right typography on it. It’s the art of presenting the words in the best visual form which a web designer possesses.

Here’s what typography can do for you-

  • Summarize A Website
    Typography alone can tell a whole lot about the website. Is the website more formal or business like or it is quirky or bold? Typography can tell it.

    Fonts, colors and the placement of the text can brief you about the feel of the page.

  • Branding
    If the font or color of logo of a popular brand like Coca Cola changes then the entire perception or image of the brand changes. Logo plays a big part in branding of the website. Equally important is the typography on the logo. The typography should complement the logo well otherwise it will fail to make any impact.

    Coca Cola

  • Will Make Content A “Handsome King”
    No doubt a good quality content is the king but if it is not good looking then no one will read it.

    Content can be made more readable and engaging using typography given that content has something valuable to say. A well written content can lose its significance if it is not presented well.

  • Make It Big
    ”Big Typography” is trending in web design arena and making the heads turn. Big font size text used on hero or large images can make a big impact about the website and the brand. Font color, size and placement of the big typography should be in harmony with the hero image to create a good and correct impression on the users.

    Big Typography

If you want to make big then use typography correctly on your website or we can help you or guide you in using typography correctly, contact us now.

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