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Make Your Brand A Story Telling Experience

Make Your Brand A Story Telling Experience
Nov 26, 2014 0 Comment

Everyone love stories. When we are in our childhood we love fairy tales and when we grow up we love novels and movies. Stories are interesting because they take you on a journey where you discover new and interesting things.

A story engages you with hopes, imaginations and emotions. Digital marketing can be a story if you do it right, a story that everyone will read and respond to.

Here is the guide to how to tell a story and market your brand with it online-

  • Prologue: Explain Why
    Explain what is driving you to tell this story about your brand. This will help you to showcase the passion you have for your business. This will directly connect you with people because everyone is always curious to know why you do it before what you do or how will you do.

  • Who’s The Hero
    The hero of your organization can be a product or a service. Explain why it is so special, what are its special features and why should people buy it.

  • Villain
    Explain the problem or issue your product or service can solve. Also brief why it needs to be corrected and what benefit will it provide people when it is corrected. There is always got to be a problem that is fixed with your product as there is no story without a villain.

  • Happy Ending
    Draw the goal people will be able to achieve after buying or using your product. Paint the perfect picture about the future benefits and advantage people will get garnished with successful experiences of people already using it. Make it luring enough to encourage people to act.

Make your brand story a super hit with the help of our star team. Contact us if you are seeking to brand or re-brand your business.

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