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With A New Year Comes A New SEO Strategy

With A New Year Comes A New SEO Strategy
Dec 08, 2014 0 Comment

Another year is coming to an end. With welcoming the new year, we have to welcome a new SEO strategy for 2015. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the things which never stops evolving.

Every year we set up new goals and strategies for SEO based on the developments which took place recently and provide our clients an updated strategy that helps in generating more traffic.

Here are some highlights of our strategy we are going to follow in 2015-

  • Mobile Is The Game
    Traffic generated through mobiles devices was more than desktop in 2014. With this development, response to responsive websites is touching sky. Responsive web designs offer user experience that has no competition and therefore it will play an important role in boosting rankings on search engines.

    Recent update from Google to attach a “mobile friendly” label with responsive websites in search results has put a stamp of high traffic on well designed responsive websites.

  • More Focus On ROI Than Ranking
    You may be ranking in top 10 but what use of this high ranking if your ROI is very low. We have been and we will be focused on goals you want to achieve with your website not just rankings. Conversions hold more importance than rankings.

  • Get Up Close And Personal With Social Media
    Social Media is the perfect medium to hit a more personal and informal chord with your audience. With several advertising windows opened on social media platforms, 2015 will see a lot advertising on social media.

    Now people expect you to have a social media presence on every social media channel. If you don’t stand up to their expectation then this will turn them off and you are more likely to lose customers.

Traffic through organic results is highly valued because it most likely to convert if you hit the right spot. This makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) very important for your website and business.

Share your thoughts on the future of SEO in 2015 via comment box below.

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