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Obi Mobiles Tells Youth To Be Who They Are

Obi Mobiles
Sep 16, 2014 0 Comment

Obi Mobiles promoted by Inflexion Point which was founded by Mr. John Sculley (Ex CEO of Apple) is making its entry into the arena of mobile products with two fresh TVCs.

The first Ad is based on the idiom “Black Sheep” used to describe the odd one out of a group. Ad shows a man with a sheep head who stands out of the crowd for obvious reasons. He is seen dancing with an old lady at her birthday making everyone else a little uneasy, trying scare a person with box on his face or dancing weirdly in public and all sort of weird things. The Ad ends with a note in a loud voice “Whoever You Are. Obi Mobiles”.

The second Ad shows a woman with a chameleon head who changes her mood as the chameleon changes its color. The Ad is set up in a workplace. In one scene she is seen tearing all the photos at her desk and in other scene she is scene working hard, in one scene she is scene dancing with some girls and making merry and in another scene she is seen giving a girl a hard time by making her fall. This Ad also ends with the similar note “Whoever You Are. Obi Mobiles”.

These TVCs are already grabbing attention of the youth with its quirky appeal which is the target of Obi Mobiles. Ads are conceptualized by FCB Ulka.

You can visit Obi Mobiles official website designed by Refresh Ideas to view their products and other details.

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