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Oh Wait That Facebook Newsfeed Was A Month Old News

Change in Facebook's Newsfeed Algorithm
Sep 20, 2014 0 Comment

You often come across some news item in Facebook newsfeed which may have been a hot topic a week ago but not now. This has been happening with Facebook newsfeed quite a long time. So much so that a month ago in a DIGIDAY blog it was said that twitter was all about current news and trends and Facebook was all about people dumping water on their heads.

Facebook looked into the matter and announced that it will change its newsfeed algorithm to feature more recent news in its newsfeed. Facebook is also aiming to increase the engagement for TV shows and sports events which twitter is already doing.

If more and more people are connected to a post or watching a particular TV show or a sports event that is a hot topic at that time then that topic is more likely to trend on top in the newsfeed, so that everybody sees it. This will increase the engagement in the form of likes, shares, clicks or comments.

Facebook will favour a post in its newsfeed by judging the comments, shares or number of likes rather than just judging the quantity of engagement. If a post gathers engagement with great speed in the beginning and slows down after then it will rank high in the newsfeed in the beginning and later it will fall.

Lets see how this change in Facebook’s newsfeed algorithm affects the user’s behaviour.

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