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2000+ Themes & Millions Of Websites Based On WordPress, Can You Stand Out?

Apr 13, 2015 Website Design 0 Comment

Eleven years ago, a boon was invented for Website Design named WordPress. Since 2003, it has been growing and is getting stronger day by day. WordPress is now a lot more than just a CMS for blogs. Gone are those days when WordPress was exclusively used by bloggers. Many web projects these days are setup...


Visual Aspect : The Neglected Part Of Content Marketing

Mar 18, 2015 Website Design 0 Comment

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is good and important part of a content marketing strategy but what is often neglected or missed is the visual content. Visual and textual content together make the perfect content marketing strategy. Have a look at Infographic we have created to explain the importance...


What’s Your Social Media Outlook?

It’s always necessary to wear some accessories with your favorite outfit. It makes your outfit look complete but it is also important how you wear it. Same goes for social media which is an accessory to your website. But it’s important to mix and match to arrive at the possible result that works...


Know The Basics Terms Of Web Design

Mar 10, 2015 Website Design 0 Comment

When you decide to design a website or want a website designed for you, words like CMS or HTML or Hosting will pop up in front of you. Its okay to not know in depth about these things but you should know a little about these words whether you are getting a website designed now or may in future. Content...


Wish You A Refreshingly Colorful Holi

Mar 05, 2015 Super Refresh 0 Comment

Refresh your happiness and joy with this Holi just as we Refresh Ideas. Happy Holi To Everyone !! ...


Is Your Website Alive?

Mar 02, 2015 Website Design 0 Comment

You have a website for your business, fine but does it represent your business or work in the same manner? It should be working in the same manner as does your business after all it represents your business 24/7. Creating the framework for your website isn’t enough, you need to keep building upon it...


Evolution Of Search Queries

People earlier used to search with random words or unstructured sentences using broad categories and very little details. Times have changed and so has the way people search. Now they search with proper detailed sentences. This has made content marketing and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to evolve...


Facebook Doesn’t Like Pushy People

If you don’t want to get penalized by Facebook and omitted from newsfeed of people then you will need to tone down your approach towards Facebook. Facebook is going to penalize pages that are too pushy in their sales pitch or those who are aggressive in promoting their brand on Facebook. One way to...


Add More Landing Pages To Your Success

Feb 17, 2015 Website Design 0 Comment

Web has made consumers very powerful. They just need few minutes to find complete information about your brand or company. A website can do everything from telling a tale about your company to selling your products or services to customers. But the website alone is not sufficient for you to gather complete...


This Is What Happens When Your Website Is In Wrong Hands

Feb 04, 2015 Website Design 0 Comment

“You get what you pay for” If you pay nothing then you will get nothing. Same goes with a website which is often not taken seriously by entrepreneurs. When something very important as a website is managed by an amateur then it is bound to get messed up. Recently the official Delhi website of Indian...


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