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Paint A Dramatic Canvas With Typography

Paint A Dramatic Canvas With Typography
May 28, 2015 0 Comment

Typography’s existence goes way back to medieval times. In medieval times, calligraphy “the art of giving form to signs in an expressive, harmonious, and skillful manner” was used to communicate with each other. Most often than not what is communicated is same but style with which it is communicated is what makes an impact.

In this digital era, typography is often used to make an impact with your communication. Creating a drama with typography is very important to make sure that message you want to convey is read and grabs maximum eyeballs.

Typography can be used as an essential part in creating a design framework that uses ‘type’ in a way that grabs the attention of users and also encourages interaction with the text.

Oversized Type
Along with font family, size of the type also plays an important role in creating a dramatic impact. In 2015, oversized typography is the most trending form of typography being used.

Oversized bold letters when combined with images, texture or solid backgrounds can be used to make big shout outs.

Oversized Typography
You can use oversized typography in other different ways to create drama. You can play with the alignment of the letters such as aligning to left or right.

Oversized Typography
Small Typography
Small type can also create a dramatic typographic design if used right. Small types is most commonly used in ghost buttons and on hero images.

Small type often brings attention to the textual content when placed in a design with lots of space. Hero image when combined with small type appropriately like in the example above can help in creating a visual drama which demands viewer’s attention.

Oversized Typography
Type On Images
It’s a thing of past to think images and typography are two separate elements. Together they can be used to create a single design element which can showcase a lot of drama. Type on images is one such way to create a single high on drama element.

Type On Images
Biggest challenge in type on images is to maintain a certain contrast and readability. It’s important that the image and type convey same message to avoid confusion and create the right drama.

Type On Images
Text on the image should never hide the parts of image which convey the same message. Example- if the image is about apparels and the text says the same thing then the text should not hide the apparels in the picture.

Type In Images
Type in images work only when the combination of image and the text is right.

Thick strokes and simple line with the right placement of the image can help in painting an impactful canvas. Most often single image with words which are easy to read are used in a type in image design.

Type In Image
Customized Lettering
Every single letter of your typography showcases an individual design element which can be customized accordingly by designers to create unique designs which cannot be replicated.

Custom Lettering
There might not be a single way to create a dramatic communication with typography. It all depends on the understanding of the brand ideology or theme to give it a unique feel with typography. As the picture above says, we love to play with fonts in our designs and create engaging content whether it’s social media or websites.

Do let’s us know if you have any design related queries in the comments below or contact us now.

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