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Parallax Design Sets Your Eyes Scrolling

parallax design
Nov 07, 2014 0 Comment

Parallax design is a one page web design with all the required content engraved in a single page. What sets parallax design apart from other designs is the difference in the speed at which the background and the content moves when you scroll the page with later moving faster. This adds a ‘WoW’ factor to your website that is bound to grab eye balls.

Here is a video guide which will make you familiar with a parallax design with examples-

In 1980s, parallax design was used in 2D video games to give it more appeal and depth. Perfect example is Mario. Parallax design is now trending in web design to provide a better user experience.

Why You Should Choose Parallax Design?

  • Story Telling
    Parallax design makes your website a medium to tell your or your business’s story in the most interactive and creative way. Its like you are reading a story but you are not turning pages but scrolling down with interesting images and graphics for an interesting story.
  • More Engagement
    Aesthetic beauty of parallax design invites more engagement from visitors. Nobody wants to leave a story in between, so visitors are encouraged to read or scroll down the whole page to complete the narrative. You are able to direct the visitor where it should go and what should hold their attention with a compelling design.
  • Easy Navigation
    With all the content on a single page, user doesn’t have to navigate to any other page to discover more content. This makes navigation for users super easy.

All these factors add up to provide an interesting and interactive user experience for the user. You are able to get hold of the user’s imagination with a Parallax design.

Look into our portfolio for parallax designs we have created for our clients and see it yourself what we mean by a great parallax design. Here is an example of Parallax design we created for obi mobiles.

Want a creative and engaging parallax web design to narrate your business or story? Get in touch with us.

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