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Re-Engage With Remarketing

Oct 21, 2014 1 Comment

Have you ever noticed text, graphic and video ads of products or services or websites you once viewed keep coming back to you ? Thats Remarketing of ads.

Now marketing is not limited to search, display ads or social media. Remarketing allows you to re-connect with those users or customers which earlier showed interest in your product or service or website.

Remarketing is used by business owners to promote their brand, products or services to lost but still interested customers. Its like a reminder ad for visitors who showed interest in your website at some point of time.

These remarketing campaigns appear on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter and Google display network and search engines.

You may retarget people who viewed particular products or services on your website. E-Commerce websites can target those visitors who added a product to their shopping cart but left without making a purchase. These remarketing campaign can also be used to advertise other products to customers who purchased a product earlier. It will help in increasing purchases or conversions.

How Does It work ?
A remarketing code is put on every page of the website, so when people visit your website this code creates a cookie on his/her device. This cookie keeps a check on users browsing pattern and accordingly displays ads on the websites they visit.

Why Remarketing ?
Remarketing is a very powerful method to create awareness about your brand. It lets visitors know more about your products, offer discounts to increase purchases and advertise other products that may interest them. Remarketing helps to increase your engagement or interaction with users.

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