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Don't Let Your Online Ads To Fade Out
Nov 03, 2014 0 Comment

An online ad which is not interesting enough is as good as no ad. Ads should remain creative, interactive and interesting. But if you don’t refresh them consistently then there is higher chance of them fading out and loosing their charm.

An online ad copy needs to be changed with change in seasons, consumer behaviour and geographic location. Keep refreshing your ad regularly to keep them relevant and fresh.

People Get Tired With Your Ad
There are thousands of ads online. Probability of repetition or decaying of ad is quite high. As soon consumers find this out, they get tired with your ad and stop reacting to your ad.

As soon as customers grow tired of your ad, fall in your click-through rate (CTR) is clearly evident.

How To Refresh Your Ads?
Here are some ways by which your ads will stay fresh as ever-

  • Incorporate Seasonal Changes
    Take for instance an apparel brand which changes its collection with the change of the season. Accordingly they have to make changes to the copy of their online ad.

    Sometimes in the holiday season a brand introduces many offers on their existing products to increase their sale. Their ad should effectively include these offers in their copies.

    These seasonal changes in products and discount offers can be included in your ads by including keywords supporting the change and accordingly the text of the ad. Landing pages for these ads should also be altered for the same.

  • Ad Copy That Isn’t Copied
    When you see same thing again and again, you get bored and grow tired of it. Same thing can happen with your ad. With thousands of ads available online, chances of same copy for more than one ad is quite possible. When customers see same ad copy for different products, they stop paying attention to such ads.

    Try to create a copy that you believe is unique and is not used for any other ad. This way customers will feel fresh when they see your ad and will be more willing to react.

  • Changing Consumer Behaviour
    Consumer’s taste and behaviour is the biggest threat to advertisers because they change with a friction of second. Yesterday a customer may find your ad interesting but today he/she may not.

    As difficult it may be, you have to keep a track on trends amongst people if you want your ad to sell. Try and include slangs or lingo which works in the present with people or which people use more. You should talk to customers like they talk amongst themselves to be more effective.

    Experiment with different options to address audience in different locations because what may work for people in North India may not work for people in South India. Incorporate variation in interests and behaviour of people in your copies for best results.

  • Make Use Of Different Platforms
    Google keeps on introducing different advertising platforms to allow advertisers to connect with people with different devices, interests, location and behaviour. These platforms allow you to connect with customers more effectively.

Keeping an ad fresh is not as simple as it may seem. It requires to keep a watch on latest updates and refreshing the ads accordingly which is not easy.

Our super refresh team keep themselves updated with latest trends, lingo and updates from Google to provide a fresh copy for an online ad to our clients that forces consumers to pay attention and react.

Contact us now to get assistance in creating an online ad for your brand.

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