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Right Elements To Make A Corporate Website Attractive

Corporate Website Design Can Be Fun
May 01, 2015 0 Comment

Corporate websites often move on a wrong branding strategy. It often results in a template like design with no activity. Your offline presence or activities should reflect through your online presence. Low resolution images and dull typography surely cannot do the work.

Here are right elements that can repair a dull corporate website and turn it into an attractive one-

New Content Management System (CMS)
Like bricks are the base material of a house, a good CMS is a base for a good website. Flexibility is what everyone requires but often every corporate website ends up looking dull and static. A flexible and customized CMS like WordPress can provide you complete control of the content on your website along with flexibility and uniqueness.

Popping Colors
Bold and clear color palettes are most impactful and efficient in increasing user engagement. Dull and pale colors often make unique content boring and not readable. Having an interesting, unique and clear set of colors on your page makes your website interesting and engaging.

Have a look at the responsive grid based web design we created for PoochMate (based in Sainik Farms, New Delhi) and use of bold and popping colors.


Font That Talks
Typography is and will be the most important element of any web design. The way you use your fonts often has an impact on users. Using basic fonts in different sizes can make the content noticeable and unique.


Spot On Call To Action (CTA)
One thing which a corporate website never misses out is a Call To Action but the way they use their CTA can be improved. CTAs should stand out but still shouldn’t distract users from rest of the content. They should organically blend with the color scheme of the page and the entire layout but still stand out or should be easy to spot.

Share your opinions and thoughts with us on this topic via comment box below. You can also contact us if have any web design related queries.

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