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Rishikesh- Where We Went Wild

Rishikesh- Where We Went Wild
Apr 28, 2015 0 Comment

Which place do you think of when you want both peace and adventure at the same time in India? It is Rishikesh, isn’t? With that thought in mind, we decided that Rishikesh is the next destination for our super Satuday.

The first decision we had to take was “How should we commute?” to which some people who wanted this trip to be extremely adventurous suggested that we travel via motorbikes. We put the decision to vote, and ended up deciding to travel via bus :P

Everything was booked from the bus to the camp two weeks before to avoid any problems and then we just had to wait.

Finally the day was here. We had to leave at four in the morning, so we decided to spend the night before at the office to avoid any delays in the morning. Everyone just had sleep in mind but soon the night was filled with music and some endless and meaningless conversations and debates about random things.

Vatan explains it right by saying-

Unofficially the trip started in the office 12 hours before we left for Rishikesh

En route To Rishikesh










In the morning, we all were sleep deprived as no body let anyone sleep but were fully charged with enthusiasm. Once in the bus, the rhythm of the trip was decided when ‘playlist curated by Asif’ a night before was being played en route to Rishikesh.

Gaurav sums it up nicely-

Whole team was so engrossed in a heartfelt discussion on how bad could be the selection of songs. And song after song we betted that the next song will be better, but were proven wrong EACH TIME

P.S- To listen to the supposedly ‘awesome’ playlist, please contact Asif :P

Reaching Rishikesh

Finally after seven hour long journey and no sleep, we reached our camps in Rishikesh. We were greeted by the camp owner with much needed refreshing lemonade. After freshening up we played some amateurish cricket for honoring the cricket bat given to us. Soon everyone was bored with cricket, so we decided take a dip into the river in front of our camp. Indeed you feel some sort of serenity when you dig deep into the nature. Water was cold, so we played a penguin game of splashing the water to the dry souls with twin purpose of washing the sins and dragging the fellow buddies into the water. We all felt bond of real friendship which refreshed us from within.

River Bath & Penguin Game

The river bath was followed by underwater photography, which was made possible by Sandeep’s claim that his Sony Xperia is waterproof. YES IT IS WATERPROOF – we did all kind of possess & tests that were humanly possible :D

Underwater Photography

P.S: Phone insurance is a good thing.

Evening was followed by unlimited selfies by our very own selfie queen aka Viren and a small trek to the confluence of the river ‘sangam point’. Viren took more than 200 selfies on the trip. He was probably on a selfie spree on the trip.

Sandeep On Viren’s Selfie Obsession-

Who takes a selfie while peeing 8O

Selfie Collage

After the trek and coming back to our camp, we settled in the open area to enjoy evening tea and coffee and the bonfire later in the night.

“The Night Is Dark And Full Of Terrors”, this quote from George RR Martin’s Novel Series ‘A Song Of Ice And Fire’ and the T.V series Game Of Thrones was proved quite right in the night that followed. A controversial roast session with drinks was held which made the night darker than it was because a lot of secrets were revealed. A lot of jabs were taken against each other which were more fiery than the bonfire. The best part was the imitation done by Asif of Gaurav and Kuldeep.

As per Asif

Iss trip pe ek cheez to acchi hui Gaurav sir ka Fun Element in design aur Kuldeep sir ka OK, BYE aur GOOD NIGHT change ho gaya

(After the trip one good thing happened, Gaurav Sir’s demand for fun element in facebook post designs and Kuldeep Sir’s OK, Bye & Goodnight changed)

Disclaimer- All the digs cannot be shared as it is not suitable for serious hearted people :p.

Later that night after light outs, just when we thought that our roast session has ended, REAL FUN BEGIN. In tent no. 3 – Asif , Salil & Viren in the glory of night and dizziness in thoughts started sharing some real funny and intimate secrets without knowing that they were all being overheard. Later in morning Asif reacted by saying “Sir, you should have told us that you were able to hear everything” to which Gaurav replied “then I would’ve missed the fun :p”.

Reaction on Asif’s face the next morning was epic as the conversation that night was all about him :D

-Tells Viren remembering the night.

Caution- Drinking is injurious to health :P

Next day was the day we all were waiting for, as it had the ultimate action packed that was White Water River Rafting. Some of us were scared as we were doing it for the first time and others were super excited but everyone had the best experience.

River Rafting In Rishikesh

Nishant says

Rafting in Rishikesh was seriously the most epic moment of my life. I was sitting on the front seat of the raft and when first Rapid came and water struck us on the raft, I almost felt that our raft will tumble

It was literally on the edge kind of experience as you have to sit on the edges of the raft :P

Raft Rishikesh

Naveen on his rafting experience

On the raft, I was scared as well as excited but it was the best and the most refreshing experience of my life


In between we (actually not we but some) did cliff jumping too and that too on a loop.

On our way back to Delhi, we were dead tired after all the adventures but probably not mentally. We decided that everyone has to share paranormal activity they have experienced in real life which to our surprise everyone had one or two. Viren probably can tell you how spooky were all the stories because he was scared the most. He was even scared to go back home alone that night :lol:

To combat the horror and to cheer up Viren, we shared some super dirty jokes which might put our censor board to shame 8-)

We realized how refreshing it is to start a dialogue and keep pounding on it and having a long lasting laugh. We could’ve never imagined how much fun can be packed in a one night two day trip but it was refreshing for each one of us. What excited us most was not the place but the sense of togetherness and bond we share that is much more than any place or office :-)

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