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SEO Audit : Why Do You Need One?

SEO Audit
Dec 09, 2014 0 Comment

For people to do business with you, they need to know you exist. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can make sure people know you exist online and are encouraged to do business with you.

SEO audit can help you to figure out the problem behind why is Google is not indexing you or why your ranking is not improving.

We perform SEO audit before taking up any project related to rebranding or revamping. SEO audit helps us to figure out the problems with your website that is effecting your performance. It helps us to find out-

  • Why Your Ranking On Search Engines Is Not Improving?
    Most of the traffic to your website comes from organic search results on search engines. If you don’t appear on first two pages on Google then you might be missing on a huge traffic for your website. SEO audit helps us to put you in a competitive position on search engines.

  • Reasons Behind Low Conversions
    Traffic is important for your website but it is not the end. The next step is to convert this traffic.

    Visitor visit your page but they never follow through to make purchases and that leads to low conversions. No optimization for mobile devices, bad structuring, focusing on wrong keywords etc can lead to low conversions.

    During our SEO audit, we keep an eye on every detail to figure out the main reason behind low conversions.

  • Reasons Behind High Bounce Rates
    People land on of your pages and are turned off by something or doesn’t find anything worthwhile leading to high bounce rates.

    SEO audit tells us the main reasons behind high bounce rates and take appropriate actions to lower it.

  • Failure Behind Your Campaigns
    Google puts out new updates and changes in its algorithm quite regularly. Sometimes very big changes are also rolled out without any prior notice. Keeping a track of these changes is very important. Our experts make sure they never miss out on any update.

    Tracking these changes and implying them correctly in your websites or campaigns to make sure that you don’t get punished by Google. The only way to do it properly is regular audits and implying changes where it is needed.

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