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Be SEO Friendly In 2015

Be SEO friendly in 2015
Jan 31, 2015 0 Comment

Every year is hard for web design agencies to tackle new updates that Google throws at them and make alteration in their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies accordingly.

2015 isn’t different either, numerous changes are going to happen this year. Here are the changes we believe will persist in 2015 based on our observations in 2014-

SEO Friendly In 2015

  • Mobile Friendliness
    How important is mobile search for Google was proved with the update by Google that it will put a “Mobile Friendly” label with websites which are actually responsive or mobile friendly. These mobile friendly website will also fair well in terms of ranking on Google organic search results.

  • No More Exact Keyword Matching
    Google doing away with exact keyword matching is a sign that it will not support keyword stuffing at all. Google will concentrate more on how search can answer people’s queries more aptly. With coming of voice based search, people will search in a more descriptive manner than just single keywords.

  • Black Hat SEO Gets Harsher Punishments
    Google has made sure it will not only ignore black hat SEO tactics but also punish website using them harshly. Harsh enough that the website punished once may not receive any traffic at all in future through Google. So, you have to be selective and play safe when planning your SEO strategies.

  • Social Media Affects SEO
    Your activity on Social Media will definitely affect your search engine ranking, positively or negatively depends on the quality of your content. So, pay more attention to your activity on social media platforms.

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