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The Egg & Veg Story of Web Design

Egg & Veg Story of Web Design
Nov 29, 2013 0 Comment

Two days back while half the office left and few of us are still working, our leading web designer Vatan raised a very hot issue with Kuldeep.

Is a egg eating person a vegetarian? Seriously – No joking the discussion was hotter than the prime ministerial debate currently going on in India,the only difference was that there were no use of metaphors being used  - LOL.

Vatan view point was eating a part of hen produce (an egg) is taking life because if given an opportunity egg can become a #chicken and gets it’s own life. So any one eating an egg is basically eating food which is strictly non-vegetarian. While Kuldeep maintained that Egg that we eat does not have any chance of becoming a #chicken so its not taking away any life – so he considers it to be vegetarian food.

The debate went till 10 PM when we all decided to rap it up, to be followed by Kuldeep researching on the the topic the same very night and next day he came prepared and enlightened all of us on the Fertile & Non Fertile egg theory.

Everyone gave a patient hearing to the logic because everyone was intrigued in the debate. WORLD’S BIGGEST DEBATE GOT SETTLED.

Similar to this incident we too get into many such debates related to web sites, designs, optimization – where client comes with pre-conceived notions, some of them hear us out and form an opinion, some may input their ideas and participate in a very productive dialogue but then there are also clients we deal with who cannot understand any thing other than their own idea of what is website and how useful it can be to their overall business if used and marketed correctly. 

Most of the people in the last category still feels websites are just one more hassle but a necessary one, some feel it is even not necessary – “my customers don’t come through website”.

We tell them “if, what you are saying is true. It only means you are not yet using your website to it’s full potential.”   A correctly build & marketed website is an asset.

However nice site you have there are thousands or hundred of others competing against your business- you need to start marketing to extend the exposure of your website so that people know about it. Nothing happens automatically, you have invested in a marketing asset which is your website, now is the time to utilize that asset to best of your business advantage by deploying right resources towards its meaningful use. And a website with correct marketing exposure whether paid or non paid can make your business leap frog your success in today’s world.

Moral of the story – before making an opinion on something crucial for the business give it an open hearing, it might turn out that just like the egg which now looks lesser non-vegetarian to our staff, your website investment start looking more productive than ever before.


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