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The Good And Ugly Side Of Digital Marketing

The Good And Ugly Side Of Digital Marketing
Aug 11, 2015 0 Comment

One of the most difficult challenges faced by a business online is to keep up with digital marketing technologies and trends. One step behind and your competitor will sweep away all your customers.

Digital marketing is in a state of consistent change, using outdated methods and technologies can land you and your website in a failure trap. We are here to make sure that you do not fall in this failure trap.

Social Reach
It’s important to raise your followers and likers organically rather than buying non-existent fake followers by paying for it. Original and informative content created by you will slowly build your following and it will be long lasting.

Remember popularity cannot be bought, it is built organically.

Mobile Friendliness
Earlier mobile websites were used by businesses to cater mobile audience but now a single responsive grid based design is used by businesses to cater their entire audience base.

Responsive design has its own advantages. It reduces the need to have different content and design for the desktop and mobile. You only need to maintain one content and design base for your responsive website.

In March 2015, BBC News also shifted from two separate websites for mobile and desktop to a single responsive design for their website.

E-mail List
Purchasing spammy email list can prove to be damaging to your brand’s reputation instead offer original and informative content to lure users to offer you their emails.

Practice of purchasing links to your website is almost extinct but if you still invest your time and money in this practice then be ready to get penalized by Google. With Penguin update by Google, they have officially announced that any website involved in such a black hat practice will fall down from the ladder of Google search result ranking or worse disappear.

Quality and informative content should be a great part of your SEO strategy. With good quality content, you will be more discover-able and quality links will come organically because more people will like to share your content if it is original and informative.

Paid Advertising
Earlier people used to pay media companies to display their ads to leave more impressions but times have changed now.

With paid social media opportunities, you can increase your visibility many folds to your target audience. Today, social media allows you to advertise with minute details like geo location and interests of the audiences.

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