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UX Is Most Important For Ecommerce

User Experience
Nov 14, 2014 0 Comment

For any website, user experience is a vital aspect for success. In case of an ecommerce website, it is most important. If the users don’t have a good experience shopping from your website then bounce rates will be rising really high for your website. A great ecommerce website demands a great user experience.

Some things to pay attention to provide great experience to the users of your website-

  • Order Process
    Buying your product shouldn’t be a pain for a user. Automating the order process can really ease the buying process for the user. Information like sizes, colors, availability, payment mode and shipping should automatically emerge when a user selects a product. When filling for shipping information, obvious information should automatically be filled up to make user’s work minimal. For example, if you select a country for shipping then telephone code should automatically change according to country selected by the user.

  • Please The Returning Customers
    Accounts provided to users when they make a purchase will help you to gather basic information like shipping address when they make purchase for the first time. Saved information about users in your data will help user when he/she returns to make another purchase. They will not have to fill up the basic information again. This will encourage them to come back and make purchases from you.

  • Cache Is Important
    Customers often omit or forget to fill some information and submit. If the information he/she filled is deleted then user will be irritated to fill it again. Cache helps to avoid irritating users from filling information again. Cache allows to fill the spaces user left earlier with information filled earlier already present.

  • Responsiveness
    With smartphones in every hand these days, use of mobile devices to make purchases online has increased. If the web design isn’t optimized for screens of mobile devices then it will not be able to run well on mobile devices. Make sure the design of your ecommerce website is responsive to provide great user experience on mobile devices also.

If your website is lacking these point then you are not providing the user experience that people are expecting which will cause loss in your revenue in the future.

The UX or user interface experience holds lot of value in terms of how a website performs in a long run, it is wise to take professional help in getting your website design because you never know what you are losing till the time it’s too late.

Allow us to revamp your website to provide best user experience to users. Contact us now.

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