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Virgo Laminates- A Promise of Innovation In Design & Quality

Virgo Laminates
Aug 13, 2015 0 Comment

Virgo Group of Companies aims at manufacturing the best lifestyle products which promise innovation in design and quality along with exceptional service and support. Based in India, Virgo offers Laminates, Plywood and Aluminum products which are high on quality and design.

Just like Virgo, we offer products or solution which are innovative in Website design and quality. This bond of innovation encouraged us to work together on revamping their website which as they said should resemble their products i.e. dynamic and visually appealing. And that is what the outcome was.

The idea was to make the website’s design as modern & contemporary as it can be so that the Virgo’s innovative and modish image can be drawn on the website. The home page is the perfect place to observe that.

Virgo’s home page is the amalgamation of all the latest ideas and trends revolving in the web design domain including modern slider designs, small but effective micro ux effects, hero images but making sure that it doesn’t create any clutter. We made sure that the home page sends a pretty good idea to a visitor to what to expect or to find further on other pages of the website highlighting their prime product i.e Laminates.

More Of Business Journey Than A Monotonous About Us Page

Virgo Laminates- About Us

What’s unique about Virgo’s About Us page is that it is designed like a storyline, strategically unfolding the story behind Virgo as you scroll down. The story starts with philosophy of the company moving to their mission, commitment and vision to the timeline of the development of Virgo Group of Companies to Infrastructure to Event & Exhibitions. Each part is placed very strategically so that you can concentrate on each part individually. Every part is complemented with high quality photos to improve the impact of the story.

Dynamic Laminates Section

Virgo Laminates

Special attention was given to laminates section to allow people to explore the beautiful laminates collection offered by Virgo. The challenge for us was to maintain the perfect balance between functionality and web design.

Laminates section showcases the vast collection of laminates offered by Virgo. We incorporated a Micro UX effect to showcase the product or laminate names in a dynamic way. The name appears when you scroll over the product but remains hidden otherwise. This adds an element of surprise to make the laminates look attractive and lively.

Product detail appears once you click on a laminate with a pop up. The pop up contains various details about the laminates as well as the large image of the laminate which expands on clicking with a sliding effect.

Visit http://www.virgolam.com/laminates to experience yourself.

The laminate section is accompanied by advanced product search with auto suggestion feature. The products can also be filtered by different categories, sizes and finish so that people can explore different laminates without any hassle.

The Glamorous Inspiration Section
Our UX experts experimented continuously to make the Inspiration page as glamorous as possible. And the result was this-

Virgo Laminates- Inspiration

The page is meant to showcase how the products will look in your offices, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms and other rooms. The brief was to portray the page as if you are experiencing the products in real life for which we decided to go with high definition images of the product to make it look as real as possible. The page opens with the images in block format edge to edge in different sizes. As you visit the page, the images appear with a ‘twist’ effect to add a dash of glamor to the page.

And Of Course, It’s Responsive
Even after so many high quality images and Micro UX effects, we made sure that the website design is responsive to bring all the product categories to consumers across all devices including mobile. We made sure by testing on all devices that the design remains flexible and doesn’t becomes a clutter case on any device without losing the context.

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