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From Visitor To Customer

From Visitor To Customer
Dec 04, 2014 0 Comment

Getting of lot of traffic is good but is that enough to make a website or a business successful? Answer is NO!

You cannot relax after inviting traffic to your website. Real work starts after inviting people to your website i.e. encouraging them to be your customer.

Here are some ways essential to convert a visitor into a customer-

  • Know Your Customer
    When you know who your target audience is then you will plan your marketing strategy accordingly. For this, knowing your customer’s behavior is important. Know your target and then shoot. An arrow without any target is as good as no arrow.

    Try to think like your audience and list down things what he/she may like and create your online marketing plans and strategies accordingly.

    Our team always does thorough research about the target audience before moving on to a project.

  • First Impression Is Last Impression
    A visitor judges you by the landing page. He/she will know if the content is fresh or stale. He will judge you by the layout of the page and categorize you as an amateur or a professional based on the same. He should get to know what you do by whichever page he lands on.

    Having a professional logo will help this purpose. By looking at your logo people should get to know that you are a professional and what do you do. Make sure your website is neat and organized and not cluttered.

  • Highlight Your USP
    Most important ingredient for a business to be successful is a Unique Selling Point (USP). USP will help you stand out in a herd. Make sure you have a USP and then highlight it well. Every visitor should be able to notice this USP as this will encourage visitors to do business with you.

  • Powerful Single Call To Action
    Customers like to be told what they should do next once they have viewed what you are offering.

    Including a single call to action is more powerful than multiple call to actions. It should be strong enough that it forces a visitor to act. Be specific not confusing. If you want them to make a purchase or to sign up for newsletter then include it in your call to action. Place your call to action in a prominent place and use bold color for your call to action that stand out from the rest of your web site.

  • Social Identity
    Having a social identity will help you in gaining trust and credibility. Social identity can include testimonials from your existing customers, followers on social media or subscribers.

    When your audience is able to view these social proofs then they are able to trust you more and are more likely to convert from a visitor to a customer.

Refresh Ideas have tried and tested these methods and has successfully increased conversions for many of our clients. Connect with us to know more about our practices to improve conversions and how we can help you.

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