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Web Design In 2015- From User Interface To User Experience

Humanistic Web Design
Jul 02, 2015 0 Comment

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”
- Steve Jobs

Jobs was always right. The impact of a good design is not measured by how it looks but by how people react to it. The skill set for designing is important but it is not an end in itself. Codes, graphics, content structure, navigation etc are not just words anymore. They make an impact when created with user’s behavior in mind.

The journey of user interface to user experience has been great with the deaths of irrelevant designs that are not created keeping user in mind. Humanistic designs which are centered around humans rather than machines are the only one that succeeds.

We at Refresh Ideas work with a blend of technology and culture. We know that technology alone cannot make an impact unless and until it is empathetic to people’s behavior as they are the end users of it. We don’t end up creating a design but follow its course of use. Web is the perfect place to know how users or customers interact. Our team pays great attention and indulges in great research before dwelling into a project.

A brand is now judged on the basis of how personal it is online. The idea is to create a more personal approach towards consumer online and develop a relationship with them. A user’s purchase online is very emotional. He/ She reacts to your offer on the basis of how sympathetic are you towards their needs. It is impossible for consumers to relate or trust you unless they know you.

We believe that the future of design lies with the customer’s behavior. It needs to change with how user’s behave. With consumers growing impatient day by day, it is important to provide something which is easy to use otherwise with a short attention span of the consumers, an important data for the consumers can be lost in vain.

So, are you or your design humanistic in its approach? If not then let’s sit down, have a coffee like humans :p and discuss your project.

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