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Web Design, Social Media & SEO : Three Pillars Of Success

Three Pillars Of Success
Oct 29, 2014 0 Comment

Web design, Social Media and SEO are three most important factors for your website’s success. Your strategy towards the three may be entirely different or completely same to your competitor’s depending upon your requirements and goals. You may invest more in SEO and Web Design and less on Social Media, it all depends upon your need.

Web Design
In case of E-commerce or brand website, web design is the main pillar out of three for its success. A good web design can attract and bring more visitors to your products and encourage them to purchase your products. A flat design with clear icons, fresh and bright color palette and subtle background color is perfect for an e-commerce website which will help in bringing more customers.

Social Media
From websites to applications to campaigns, all use social media for their promotions. Social networking websites are the most used websites by a person in a day. So through social media you can reach a wide audience with your content through paid social media campaigns. With every person using social media, you can make content on your website seen by everyone through social media.

Search engines are a big part of our life now. You search anything and everything on search engines like Google. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website will help users to find content on your website through search engines. Including keywords in your content but in the most natural way will help in promoting your content and will help in bringing more visitors.

There is no perfect combination of Web Design, Social Media and SEO. Investment in the three will depend upon your needs.

Refresh Ideas has the perfect blend of experts in all three arenas of Web Designing, Social Media and SEO. With our expertise in all the three, we have successfully delivered perfect but different combinations for different clients.

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